Are you ready to RE-INVENT your financial blueprint?

Let me coach you to living your FINANCIAL DREAMS and
establishing your FINANCIAL LEGACY.

- Keishan T. Rowe
Certified Financial Educator, Financial Coach
& Motivational Speaker

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  1. Calendar of Events
    January 14th, 2017 - She Collected Presents " Building Your Financial Legacy" @ Herbert H. Lehman College, Bronx NY January 28th, 2017 Greater Works Summit @ Westside Baptist Church in Lewisville, TX
  2. Financial Coaching
    - Quick Fix Session - Financial Bootcamp Session - Deluxe Package Session
  3. Engagement Topics
    - Building Your Financial Legacy - Called to be Financially Free - Money Talk 1:1 -Generational Wealth vs. Generational Debt -Goal Setting & Planning -Money, The Jealous Lover


“After that first conversation, I knew that I had found exactly what I was looking for: a financial expert who could help me get on track with my finances.  Coach Keishan sparked something in me that made me want to really take control of my finances. I began to think differently and behave differently with money. I started to invest more in my future and not just the present. What connected Coach Keishan and I the most is the fact that we both believe in building a solid legacy so that the generations to come will have a strong foundation to build upon. She is truly an inspiration and a contributor to who I am today” - C. Stokes

“I had the pleasure of hosting The Legacy Lady for one of my organization’s major community outreach and professional development programs.  The information Ms. Rowe provided to the attendees was invaluable! Her ability to take complex theories and break them down in a way that gets people excited about shifting their relationship with money took the program to another level! Because of the information shared during this event, I reached out and scheduled a one on one consultation with her. We discussed my financial status, developed a strategic plan, and I am proud to say that only 3 months after this meeting I was more than half way to my savings goal! She is an amazing, professional, intelligent woman who I highly recommend to anyone who is ready to create their financial legacy!” – A. De Loney

“I had the pleasure of using Keishan Rowe's financial coaching sessions. The lessons I have learned in our sessions are simply golden. Through our sessions, I have learned effective ways to budget and so much more. She is an advocate for building a financial legacy and wishes that her clients do everything possible to become financially free. Although she is a professional, I quickly saw her as someone I can trust to guide me correctly concerning my finances. I would, without any hesitation, recommend Keishan to anyone who is in need of her services.” – B. Palmer