The company offers strategic and comprehensive one-on-one coaching services via Skype, telephone or Google-Hangout to individuals based on their specific financial needs.  Every client is different, therefore the services provided are built for you. 

Coach Keishan believes in giving each client the necessary tools to master the money game through education.   The parable says "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a LIFETIME." 

Her sessions are designed to feed you for a LIFETIME.
She can assist with Pivoting Your Perception with:
Practical Application
Life Skills
Action Plans
Quick Fix - 45 Minute Session
Financial BootCamp – One Month Sessions
This package is ideal for individuals who have a quick question
 During this session, the client can ask the coach any financial question or explain their current predicament.   A comprehensive
response will be given that day.
 Cost: $50
This package consist of 4-5 sessions and is ideal for individuals who want to experience an intense financial session.  Each week for one month, the coach will discuss a particular financial area/topic of interest that the client selects based on the option below.
Cost: $400
  •      Developing Financial Goals
  •      Matter the Money Mindset (Counts as 2 Sessions)
  •      Don’t Be Afraid of the “S” Word (Savings)
  •      Frugal & Fabulous
  •      Commitment
Deluxe Package – Two Month Sessions
Personalized Packages

These packages are designed for individuals who have specific items that they want to tackle, outside of the scope outline under the BootCamp or Deluxe Packages.

Each individual will express the areas that they would like to focus on and master during their sessions and a personalized package will be created. 

Cost: $400   4-5 Personalized Session 

Cost: $600   7-8 Personalized Session 
This package consist of 7-8 sessions and is ideal for individuals who want to encounter a financial money makeover experience.  It provides very detail and comprehensive objectives specifically to your financial needs.   For two months, the coach will discuss a particular financial topic that will lead toward financial freedom.  This package also includes, motivational messages as well as articles/financial information.
Cost: $600
  •      Creating & Developing a Budget
  •      Debt Elimination & Prevention
  •      Cash Flow Re-allocation
  •      Goal Setting & Vision Board
  •      Net Worth & Debt to Income Overview
  •      Matter the Money Mindset
  •      Who Taught You to “Love” or “Hate” Money
  •      Financial Pitfalls
  •      Developing Your “WHY”
  •      The Importance of Credit Cards
  •      Building Your Financial Legacy
  •      Credit Score 1:1                                       



** Pricing for Couples are as follow**
Financial Coaching Package Starts at : $900

Payment Options
All payments will need to be paid in full prior to the sessions starting or through a payment arrangement.
Payment will be issued through Cash, CashApp, Check or via PayPal.