Empowering financial greatness gracefully through innovative seminars & workshops

Keishan's experiences have allowed her to touch the financial hearts and minds of those who attend her seminars or workshops.  Her presentations have proven to be invaluable to the individuals, businesses, colleges, high schools, nonprofit, and faith-based organizations of which she has served. 
Below are a few of her most requested speaking programs

Topics include, but not limited to the following:
  • Building Your Financial Legacy
  • Bridging the Gap Between God's Economy & the World's Economy
  • Faith & Finance
  • Are you in Financial Formation?
  • Called To Be Financially Free
  • Generational Wealth vs. Generational Debt
  • Goal Setting & Planning
  • Money, The Jealous Lover
  • Money Talk 1:1 (Money Management)
  • Matthew 28 - The Parable of the Talents
Key Clients
Non-For-Profit Organizations
  • National Urban League
  • Urban League of Young Professional - Long Island, NY Chapter
  • She Collected
High School & Colleges
  • AIM High Empowerment Institute (Monroe College)
  • Hempstead Public High School
Faith Base Organizations
  • First United Church of Jesus Christ (Brooklyn, NY)
  • City of Refuge True Holy Church (Brooklyn, NY)
  • United Church of Jesus Christ (Bronx, NY)
  • New Vision Temple (Hempstead, NY)
  • Zion Cathedral Church of God in Christ (Freeport, NY)
  • House of Judah (Sayville, NY)
  • Transformation Church of Jesus Christ (Baltimore, MD)
  • International Bibleway (New York, NY)
  • Westside Baptist Church (Lewisville, TX)
Business Owners
  • Embrace Her Legacy, LLC
  • Sorayah Salon Services

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